The House Oversight Committee responded that Dan Snyder is Not Testifying


The House Oversight Committee has “invited” Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder to testify at upcoming hearings about allegations of a toxic workplace culture in the organization. Snyder gave his answer, and the committee didn’t like it.

Snyder informed Congress through a lawyer that he would not testify at the hearing. In response, a representative of the committee said that his unwillingness to cooperate indicates that Snyder “has something to hide, and he is afraid to reveal himself to the American public.”

“His refusal to testify sends an unmistakable signal that Mr. Snyder has something to hide, and he is afraid to open up to the American public and solve the basic problems of protecting workers that the NFL faces,” said a representative through Mark Muske of the Washington Post.

Through his lawyers, Snyder has already responded to the Committee’s statement about his decision not to testify. According to the letter, Snyder is willing to cooperate with the committee “if the committee is interested in obtaining this information in a manner consistent with due process and the protection of justice.”

Dan Snyder has faced a number of allegations of inappropriate behavior with female members of organizations over the past few years.

Congress is now trying to understand whether the culture of the NFL team requires systemic changes. To that end, they contacted both Snyder and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

There are plenty of reasons why Snyder wouldn’t go. But the more he tries to ignore it, the harder Congress will attack him.

Should Dan Snyder accept an invitation to testify before Congress?