The horror game The Origin: Blind Maid, consoles


Horror fans always eager for news can celebrate the arrival of yet another game: The Origin: Blind Maid is a first-person game that takes you to Gran Chaco, a region between Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina to explore terrible folklore legends universal.

The game is a creation of developer Warani Studios and will be published by Badland Publishing, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC in the first quarter of 2021.

The Origin: Blind Maid has already received a very mysterious teaser, which leaves us with more questions than answers. However, we can expect other news as we get closer to launch.

What we know about the story was released by publisher Badland. In The Origin: Blind Maid we will embody a scoundrel and corrupt politician who escapes justice by crossing the Chaco in the company of his helper to escape to Brazil. There, he faces the evil of the Blind Maiden, a supernatural entity with a tragic past.

He will need to confront the very evil he committed and fight for his life, whether crawling or exploring the place in search of objects and weapons. According to the publisher, the choice of Gran Chaco was due to the little exploitation of the rich and terrifying folklore of the South American continent in video games.

The first-person horror game The Origin: Blind Maid will arrive sometime in the first quarter of next year for consoles and PC via Steam.


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