The Horrifying Story of Holmes Who Defrauded Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley: As you may recall, in 2001, the American Motorola Company was defrauded by Telsim, owned by Cem Uzan; He announced that he had suffered a loss of 2 billion dollars and that he had taken the matter to the judiciary. Years have passed, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, and today there has been an incredible case of fraud in America, even in Silicon Valley, in the heart of America. Recently, the USA and the world have been shaken by a fraud story. If the allegations are confirmed and the judiciary decides in this direction; A very serious compensation and prison sentence awaits Elizabeth Holmes, the main heroine of the event. Alright; Jealous of Jet Fadıl, Pheasant Osman, Cem Uzan and Tosuncuk; What is the origin of this event that shook Silicon Valley and the USA?

Actually, this phenomenon is not new; The indictment began to be prepared 3 years ago and has just been completed. In other words, it is an event that broke out in 2018. Elizabeth Holmes; She establishes a company called Theranos in 2003 and takes over as CEO of this company. This company is ostensibly being touted as a company dealing with the healthcare industry. But the essence of the matter is actually quite different.

Father’s daughter: Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes; Born in 1984, now 37 years old, and most importantly, one of the grandchildren of the famous Fleischmann Family. Holmes’ father was also one of the main actors in the Enron Case, one of the biggest corruption cases in the USA. So much so that we can easily say that her daughter followed in her father’s footsteps. Holmes was brought up in a middle-class family. The family looking for their old flashy days; From an early age he instilled in Holmes the idea that “family names should be re-announced to the world.” After a while, Holmes became obsessed with becoming a billionaire. Of course, no one expected such a performance from Holmes.


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