The Horizon series has the perfect replacement for Eloy in future games


Guerrilla Games is still committed to exploring the world of the Horizon franchise, although it’s unclear if Eloy will always be a part of it. Eloy is a powerful heroine, brave, loyal and unwavering perseverance. Hence, it will take an outstanding character to fill her shoes. Several candidates have already been identified, including the child Varla and Zo, presented in Horizon Forbidden West, and they have the potential to become a great warrior, especially if they are mentored by Eloy.

However, the child of Varla and Zo is not the only suitable candidate. The studio has already experimented with the Horizon game without Eloy through Horizon: Call of the Mountain, which is a side game for virtual reality, in which the main focus will be on a former warrior of the Karh of Darkness named Rias. In future spin-offs, Talana, a brave warrior who has already played a big role in the Horizon comic series, can also play, and she continues to demonstrate her skills in Horizon Forbidden West.

Eloy and the Future of Horizon

From the very beginning, the Horizon franchise has been focused on Eloy, and she has done a good job as the main character. Her youth was hard as she was an outcast, resulting in Nora’s children mistreating her. Fortunately, rogue Growth is ready to raise her. Despite the hardships she faces, Eloy does not lose faith in herself and continues to believe in her ability to do good. Since she opened up to the world, Eloy has gained immense popularity, has become a gaming icon and a beloved heroine.

Although Guerrilla Games appreciates Eloy very much, it seems that the studio is ready to explore the world of Horizon without her. Gamers will feel it for the first time with Horizon: Call of the Mountain, which will take the series into the world of virtual reality. Rias will be the main character of the game, and he is a former warrior of the Carha of Shadows who is investigating a new threat to the House of the Sun. Although little is known about him yet, it has been shown that he will wield a bow and be as agile and adventurous as Eloy.

Potential successor to Eloy

In the next game of the Horizon series, Eloy is likely to become the main character, as she and GAIA still have a lot to do. However, it could lay the groundwork for a successor to take over the reins of the series after the trilogy is completed. There are several characters who could replace her big role, and most Horizon fans will immediately think of Talan, a brave warrior who rises through the ranks to become the leader of the Karh Hunters Lodge. She would be ready for this job, as she showed herself to be brave and ready to take on any challenge, and, like Eloy, she would be a wonderful heroine who would become the face of the series.

Although Talana will do, there is another character who could replace Eloy — the child Varla. Gamers get to know Varl in Horizon Zero Dawn, and he becomes a good friend of Eloy. He is from the Nora tribe and accompanies Eloy when she goes to the Forbidden West. Whenever he can, he tries to protect her, although in the end he realizes that it is impossible to always protect an independent spirit like her. In Horizon Forbidden West, he meets Zo, the gravedigger Utara. Zo also helps Eloy in her search, and a relationship blossoms between her and Varl.

During a dangerous mission, Varl struggles to protect Beta, who is another clone of Elizabeth Sobek. Although he tries his best, he is eventually killed by Eric Visser, one of the Distant Zeniths. His death is devastating for everyone who knew him, and a grave has been erected for him near the Base in honor of his life. Naturally, Zo is heartbroken, and her pain is only intensified by the fact that she is pregnant with his child, and she never had the opportunity to tell him about it before his death.

Horizon – what will happen next?

Horizon Forbidden West ends with Eloy deciding not to accept Tilda van der Meer’s offer to leave Earth. Although she has already dealt with the Distant Zenith, she still needs to prepare for a new threat that will come in the form of Nemesis, a corrupted AI entity that is heading to Earth to sow destruction. This will be Eloy’s greatest battle, but she has good friends like Ehrend and Kotallo who will lend her a helping hand. Although the odds are against her, she has never refused a challenge.

Varl’s child has not been seen yet, and they have not been given a name. However, they will be born in a difficult situation, as they will have both Nora and Utaru roots. By the time Varl and Zo’s child is old enough to become a warrior, Eloy will probably be able to cope with the approaching Nemesis threat, although this does not mean that everything will be fine for Earth after that, and many more dangers may arise.


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