The Horizon Franchise Should Move Away from Eloy After the Nemesis Storyline


Horizon Forbidden West has put the franchise’s heroine Eloy and her allies to fight the biggest threat: Nemesis. After defeating the Distant Zenith, Eloy will need to focus on AI, which is moving rapidly towards Earth to destroy all of humanity. However, after the release of the next game, the Horizon franchise may be left without a specific storyline that Eloy could follow, so Guerilla Games should think about moving away from it and introducing other game characters who could deepen the knowledge of the world.

After the end of Eloy’s story, the Horizon franchise can go in many directions, whether it’s going back to the past before Eloy’s time or just continuing from where she left off with another character. With so many characters, tribes and factions in the Horizon franchise, fans will be hoping that some familiar storylines will continue. Many fans hope that the story of Horizon will not end on Eloy, from the infamous Red Raids and the Tenakth unification to an invisible growth story or even their own character that players can put into the world.

Growth History

Rost is one of the most important characters in the Horizon franchise, teaching Eloy and acting as her father. Very little is known about his youth, although players are told that he was a Death Seeker and a very talented warrior. Taking this into account, Rust would be a great playable character for fans, as it would give them an idea of the state of the world before Eloy.

The story of Growth can begin with the life he lived before he became a Death Seeker, living with his girlfriend and daughter. Their deaths eventually set him on a path that ended with his expulsion from the Burrow, which would be the perfect story for fans of the Horizon franchise. Since Growth skills are the foundation for Eloy, it goes without saying that the gameplay won’t change much if he becomes a playable character, which is perfect for those who like the franchise game.

Tenact Association

One of the most intriguing storylines in the Horizon franchise is the story of the Tenactes and their initial victory over the Karkha during the Red Raids. Thanks to the efforts of Chief Hekarro, the various Tenakt tribes united and were able to stop the Karh invasion of their lands, effectively putting an end to the Red Raids. Tenactes are known for their tenacity and ability to survive, as well as their versatility in combat, which means that following this storyline can bring new combat mechanics to the game.

Setting up the game during the Red Raids would also be a great way for the franchise to inform fans more about the atrocities committed by the previous Sun King, while highlighting the skills that Tenact possesses. Players can be given Hekarro as a playable character as they build his reputation and try to unite the tribes. Installing the game in this storyline may lead to the fact that it will end with an embassy, which can be seen in Horizon Forbidden West, where Eloy met Tenact.

Creating a new character

Despite the fact that there are many characters in the franchise that fans would like to control in a separate game, having a created character would open up opportunities for Guerrilla to develop a completely new storyline. This also means that the action of the game can take place before or after the events of Eloi’s life, even showing the first people who came out of the cradle after the end of the Ancients. The created character is ideal for RPG elements of the series, and the Horizon world has already demonstrated various fighting styles, from Eloy’s skill in ranged combat to Erend’s powerful hand-to-hand combat.


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