The Hogwarts Legacy is Right to Focus on Hogsmeade


“The legacy of Hogwarts” is very expected, despite the difficulties in development. The Avalanche Software project, postponed until 2023, is interesting to those who find solace in the Harry Potter stories, and despite the fact that film bindings have made progress in the field of video games, none of them has been as ambitious as this one. All attention is focused on the title, and although Disney Infinity dominates the recent resume of the Salt Lake City company, taking the Harry Potter name is a more difficult task, perhaps more difficult than any of his previous works. Attention to detail will be key, as the magical world is full of favorite locations and intriguing storylines.

Although the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will take center stage in the upcoming “Hogwarts Legacy,” there is much more to the broader knowledge that Harry Potter represents. From the towering horrors of Azkaban to the cozy, cozy streets of Godric’s Hollow, the property has succeeded so well to create a world beyond the castle walls. The named school will be at the center of the history and world-building of Hogwarts Legacy, but Avalanche Software takes advantage of the strange and wonderful places created by the author J.K. Rowling can only help make the project more authentic and useful for fans of intellectual property.

The history of Hogsmeade is perfect for the legacy of Hogwarts

Hogwarts may be known for its impressive spires and endless corridors. Hogsmeade is more modest, but no less important. A charming little village a stone’s throw from the castle, Hogsmeade is a wizard—oriented town that has many magical shops and curious townspeople like Madame Paddifoot. It is completely non-Muggle and therefore can only serve wizards. Moving the “Hogwarts Legacy” to a place so different from the school can work wonders for the narrative and atmosphere of the game, as it is dramatically different from the gray, persistent and purpose-built halls of Hogwarts.

However, not everything is so picturesque in Hogsmeade, as it is also a village in which there is a Screeching Hut. This sinister building was erected so that Remus Lupin would have a place to hide during his monthly transformation into a werewolf, and therefore earned a reputation for its creepy presence and disturbing nature. Like Diagon Alley, behind the uplifting aura of which darkness hides, the Shrieking Hut is a blot on a beautiful place.

Familiarity with Hogwarts means that Hogsmeade is necessary

As iconic in fiction as Arkham Asylum and Minas Tirith, Hogwarts has been at the center of the franchise for many years, and so it quickly became a familiar place for fans. The grand Staircase and the Gryffindor living room are remembered by fans who have read books and watched movies, so while the Hogwarts Legacy will certainly give its own take on the structures, they will have to be radically different from what they were before to truly surprise game viewers and existing property fans. He’s just too recognizable to evoke the same sense of wonder as Nilfgaard from The Witcher 3 or Saint Denis from Red Dead Redemption 2.

Hogsmeade is rarely used as a place for further development of the main plot. This is an important place in Harry Potter, but it is usually presented in a way that is ideal for moments of memorable character development, and not for the main narrative, so it is less well known to those who are only interested in the main storyline. The films have many scenes taking place in Hogsmeade, which could easily unfold in any other place, so the “Legacy of Hogwarts” has the opportunity to bring a deep sense of identity to the village, which is far from familiar to most players.

In the “Legacy of Hogwarts” the atmosphere is important

While the tone of Hogwarts itself is tough, historical, secretive and often dangerous, this does not apply to the rest of the magical world that surrounds it. The Chamber of Secrets and the Requirements Room may be the tip of the curious iceberg that is the school, but the modest nature of Hagrid’s dwelling or the delightfully improvised Weasley house makes Harry Potter a license that combines so much storytelling and atmosphere so well. Times of great danger are combined with the setting or place that best conveys the tension of the event, and conversely, places like Hogsmeade are ideal when there are moments of downtime. For Hogwarts Legacy, the inclusion of the village means that Avalanche Software is aware of this, and therefore it’s nice to realize that the game is unlikely to have a dense, brooding tone.

Hogsmeade, of course, is fraught with many secrets, and the “Legacy of Hogwarts” will explore it with the help of side quests.


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