The Hills vet Audrina Partridge shares shocking statements about how far the producers have gone in staging a drama with Kristin Cavallari


When it comes to reality TV, viewers should probably expect real and staged moments. When it comes to “The Hills” on MTV, veteran Audrina Partridge has become the latest actor to open the curtain on the OG series. She claimed that the infamous confrontation between her and Kristin Cavallari over her ex-boyfriend Justin Brescia (aka Justin Bobby) wasn’t really what viewers saw on TV. In fact, she shared shocking statements about how far the producers had gone in playing out the drama between her and Cavallari.

The Hills veterinarian told how the popular MTV reality show was created in her new memoir, “Choice: To the Hills and Back” (through People). The TV presenter claimed that Brescia used an alleged fake relationship with the Very Cavallari star “to keep him in the public eye.” time.

Despite the fact that she had a new relationship behind the scenes, the reality star claimed that the producers of the show forced her to continue her relationship with Brescia on screen. She said that the golden moment of reality happened when she was about to leave a house party, and that the producer of “The Hills” pushed her to argue with her former co-star about the entertainment of the new couple. The Hills OG stated:

I really had nothing to say to her. I was done with Justin, and I didn’t care if Kristin and Justin were hanging out, especially because I knew it was just for the show. However, the production was adamant that we would get an explosive scene. So adamant that they blocked my car with production vans and wouldn’t let me leave until I had a fight with her. I was furious! It was far beyond anything they had done in the past to get the scene they wanted. I literally couldn’t leave.

The script went beyond the usual drama for her, since the producers allegedly did not allow her to leave the set. Partridge got fed up with the scene and reportedly called her lawyer and agent to consult with them on how to handle the alleged stalemate between her and the producers. While her lawyer was talking to producers, Cavallari reportedly approached The Hills: New Beginnings alum to persuade her to star in this scene so everyone could move on.

Kristin didn’t want to wait any longer, so she was there trying to calm me down enough to just shoot the scene and get it over with. We laughed about it off-screen, but in the frame we were screaming and looking at us, and it worked. I just wanted to move on, and it felt like Justin was still creating drama for me to stay relevant. It’s not like he hasn’t had a thriving career outside of the show. He still did his hair, and among his clients were very famous names, including Adam Levine. The producers egged him on and wanted to get this drama as far as possible. What we wanted didn’t really matter.

Given the infamous ending of the original series, Partridge’s claims of a fake fight over a boyfriend won’t be too far-fetched. At that time, she had a contract, and she was obliged to shoot a reality show regardless of whether they broke up with Brescia or not. If The Hills veteran’s story matches what happened, it seemed like her ex-boyfriend was working with the show’s producers while manipulating them at the same time. You can see the confrontation between Partridge and Cavallari in the clip below.

That was just the side of Partridge’s story. It would be interesting to hear what both Cavallari and Brescia have to say about the infamous confrontation. Cavallari recently spoke about her own revelations, including the unfathomably low amount of money she was paid for the first season.

Partridge and her memoirs have made headlines recently, as she told E! The news that she allegedly exchanged numbers with Oscar-winning Leonardo DiCaprio. She even talked about her relationship with Chris Pine from Star Trek, according to Buzzfeed. If you want to know more about Audrina Partridge’s life since “The Hills,” the book “Choice: To the Hills and Back” is currently available on bookshelves.

The MTV reality show is ready for another reboot with a new cast, but don’t expect the entire original cast to reunite anytime soon after former “Hills” star Spencer Pratt called his co-stars “hot trash.” For her part, Lo Bosworth said she was “uncomfortable” because she had spent many years on the series, and Heidi Montag talked about Lauren Conrad and their feud. If Partridge’s story made you relive the MTV reality show, you can watch the entire series by subscribing to Paramount+. To find out about some upcoming screenings, be sure to check out our schedule of TV premieres for 2022.


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