One Tree Hill by Tyler Hilton on Why The Drama “Has Such Longevity” With Fans, and How The Partners in The Film Have Remained Close Ever Since


The CW has been a haven for the best teen dramas since it was The WB, but of all the classic shows that have come and gone, some have more power and interest than others. “One Tree Hill” is still a show that viewers review or experience for the first time more than a decade after the series finale, but why does it have such longevity? Former star Tyler Hilton recently shared his thoughts on this and shared why fans are still addicted to drama even after the series ends.

Tyler Hilton, who played Chris Keller in “One Tree Hill” throughout its run, recently contacted TV Insider. The actor spoke about the legacy of the cult teen drama, how the series glorified longevity, which he had not seen in other projects, and about his relationship with the former cast:

Of all the things we did separately from “One Tree Hill”, nothing remained and had such longevity with people as this show. People watch it over and over again. The script is great, the actors are all so good and real. We love each other very much, and when we did this show, we were the most important [people] to each other. It’s just around the student age — when you’re a child, it’s your parents, when you’re a little older, it’s your spouse or your children, but when you’re in your late teens, early 20s, your friends are most important, and they’re more important than even the one you’re with dating, and the like. We all met at that time.

From Tyler Hilton’s point of view, it’s easy to see why “One Tree Hill” is still loved after its completion in 2012. Fans like the series, and, as Hilton suggested, perhaps they catch the real relationship of the actors while watching. Hilton confirmed that he was close with the cast during his appearances in seasons 2 through 4 and in season 9, when he became a main cast member.

And although “One Tree Hill” was a series that suffered from behind-the-scenes disputes and problems that some actors still face, the actors still maintain pleasant relationships and remain close. Tyler Hilton believes that conventions are a factor in this, and shared some of the opportunities he had to see his former film colleagues over the years.:

The show lasted nine years, so we were very close throughout this whole process. Then because of the conventions and because of the different things that keep happening and because of all the press we did together during the show, we see each other all the time. And, surprisingly, it wasn’t a recipe for hating each other. We all still love each other very much, and this has turned into other things. As I said, I worked with Hilary’s husband on the show for a while, and Hilary and my wife [Megan Park], I think, could be even better friends than Hilary and I are now. So it’s just these things, they just keep blooming and we keep coming together.

Chris Keller from Tyler Hilton was a bit of a troublemaker during “One Tree Hill” and caused relationship problems whenever he was around. Fortunately, it seems that Hilton doesn’t resemble his fictional character, and he has a great relationship with former co-star Hilary Burton Morgan, and he even worked with her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

One of the main reasons people can keep coming back to One Tree Hill is because of the Drama Queens podcast hosted by former stars Hilary Burton Morgan, Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz. Co-hosts review episodes and feature other former actors in the show to gain experiences that complement the show. Hilton mentioned that he appeared on it and how lucky he is that he continues to reunite with friends:

They invited me to the Drama Queens podcast, and then they did Drama Queens Live, and I went out, performed some songs and hung out with them a little bit at Drama Queens Live. Then we just made another convention. So it seems to me that I see these people all the time, and I’m so lucky. I have no idea why this is happening to us, but it’s so cool. It really is.

Tyler Hilton really convinced me to revisit “One Tree Hill” in 2023, and apparently I will join those who are already doing it. Honestly, just listening to Gavin Degraw repeatedly sing “I Don’t Want To Be” during the opening credits several times a day may be enough to make me commit, but I’m also really invested in experiencing the drama of a great series. all over again.

Those who have a subscription to Hulu and/or a subscription to HBO Max can start watching “One Tree Hill” right now and maybe skip straight to the episode when —spoiler alert — this dog ate Dan’s new heart.


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