The highly anticipated Poco X3 Pro is coming ‘officially’


Poco, who continued his life as an independent smartphone manufacturer after parting his ways with Chinese technology company Xiaomi last year, officially announced the future of the Pro version of the Poco X3 NFC, which was introduced in September last year. As it is known, the Poco X3 NFC has managed to get full marks from users as a price-performance smartphone. The Poco X3 Pro features are so curious, although the release date of the phone is not yet clear.

Poco X3 Pro received version number

New information indicated that Poco has been working on the Pro version of the new Poco X3 NFC for a while. On top of all these developments, it was stated that the name of the new smartphone, officially approved by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) with the version number M2102J20SG, will be Poco X3 Pro.

Standing out with his reliable leaks, Mukul Sharma recently revealed some of the features of the smartphone by sharing a document he found from the FCC about the Poco X3 Pro. Let’s take a look at the features of the Poco X3 Pro so far.

What will the Poco X3 Pro features be?

As it is known, we see that most of the smartphones that have been released recently come with 5G connection support. However, the information about the Poco X3 Pro model was that the smartphone will come with 4G connectivity support because it has LTE band support. If we take a look at the published document; The Poco X3 Pro model will come with connectivity features such as NFC, dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Poco X3 Pro will run the Android 11-based MIUI 12 interface right out of the box. In addition, instead of the IPS screen used in the predecessor of the smartphone, an AMOLED screen will be used in the Poco X3 Pro model. As is known, the Snapdragon 732G chipset was used in the Poco X3 NFC model. For this reason, the information we have received revealed that the Snapdragon 800 series processor will be used in the Poco X3 Pro model.

Not all information about the Poco X3 Pro has been revealed yet. The smartphone, which has recently appeared in the FCC, will be introduced in the coming months, as it has been approved. We will continue to share with you the details of the smartphone that is expected to be a price-performance product, just like the Poco X3 NFC model.

You can write your expectations from Poco X3 Pro and your opinion about Poco X3 NFC in your comments.


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