The hidden meaning of bees to the Bridgerton family


Bees have long held significance to the Bridgerton family; In the books, it was revealed that Sir Edmund Bridgerton, the patriarch of the family, was killed by a bee sting.

While some drama series feature a heavy dose of visual motifs, Season 1 shows restraint with its images of bees. This allows the story to progress naturally and keeps fans in the loop.

By now, fans are raving about the meaning of bees. Anthony Bridgerton has been confirmed as the lead character for season 2, but it’s unclear how Netflix will handle its second adaptation.

The show may be setting up transmitters similarly to a big surprise. Whatever happens in the future, the collective bees make fun references for fans of the books.

The image of the bee on the windowsill in Dapnhe’s room refers to Edmund Bridgerton’s death in the books. That character detail is not revealed in season 1, so it works as a thematic preview.

Another hidden bee in season 1 is by far the most obvious. After Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and the Duke resolve their romantic differences, they welcome a baby into the world.

In the season 1 finale, however, it is also a reference to the past. As mentioned above, Edmund dies of a bee sting in the book franchise, so the bee bonds with Anthony, his son afraid of dying for the same reason.

The head of the Bridgerton family struggling with an unresolved existential dilemma. the final image of the bee in season 1 suggests that new episodes will follow the events of The Viscount Who Loved Me, which are about the viscount’s hopes and fears.


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