The heirs of the earth: Netflix premiere that will dethrone La Casa de Papel


This first season of “The heirs of the earth” premiered on April 15 on the Netflix platform, and has the brothers Aitor Luna and Yon González as protagonists, but also has the participation of high-ranking figures from the Spanish screen such as Michelle Jenner, Rodolfo Sancho and Pedro Casablanc.

Due to its plot they have considered that it is the sequel to ‘The Cathedral of the Sea’ since it is based on the same story of the second book by the same author (Falcones). Lots of period cruelty makes this sequel an interesting proposition with lots of characters to develop and fall in love with.

“He is a survivor who is solving all the bizarre circumstances that life puts in front of him and tries to face them in the most ethical and moral way, within the possibilities that society gives him at the time,” Yon González said in an interview. .

A love story set in 14th century Spain in 1387, specifically in Barcelona, ​​where the lonely 12-year-old Hugo Llor (Yon González) dreams of building ships and becoming a craftsman, but fate has something else in store for him. and begins by snatching away his mother.

This would be the second time that these brothers share the screen, since the first was 11 years ago when they coincided in the RTVE production “Gran Reserva” in its second season. One of them, Luna, embodied the character of Miguel, who ran the wineries as the eldest son in the Cortázar family. By the time González enters the scene as the Cortázar’s former secretary, acting as Manuel Hernández.

Netflix released The Heirs of the Earth with Aitor Luna and Yon González

.A game of adventures and emotions will weave the story of this young Llor who will try to survive the historical context in which he had to live in a medieval Barcelona that will have no contemplation with him. “He knows how to put hate and anger in a good place and give it a good look, which is not easy. It’s very nice and says a lot about him,” said Yon González in an interview with the local press.

Netflix will broadcast “The heirs of the earth” and although it is scheduled to have only one season of 8 chapters, it is expected to be as popular as another production of Spanish origin, La Casa de Papel. In addition, an agreement was established with Antena 3 and TV3 so that they can have the transmission rights within a year.