The Head of Microsoft Studios Admitted That “Halo Infinite” “Did Not Meet Expectations” in Terms of Content After Launch


Matt Bootie, head of Microsoft Studios, admitted that the Halo Infinite 2021 shooter “failed” to provide content after launch, and called the game “stumbling” at the finish line.

Speaking on the Friends in a Second podcast (via TheGamer), Bootie compared the launch of Halo Infinite to “a classic runner’s mistake when he stumbles and stumbles on the finish line.”

While Halo InBfinite had a large number of players at launch, the multiplayer shooter was later criticized for an unsatisfactory progress system and problems with the second season of the game.

“We need to recover there,” Buti admitted. “The burden is on us.”

Bootie went on to explain that part of the reason why Halo Infinite didn’t handle the fans was the lack of content that players could stay with after the game was launched. “These days with a game like Halo Infinite, releasing a game is just the beginning,” Bootie explained. “There should be a content support plan.”

Halo Infinite

“There should be a plan for constant ongoing interaction,” the head of Microsoft Studios added. “And we just didn’t execute the plan on that.”

Bootie went on to say that 343 Industries had “really scaled back” its approach to the game, and said some “leadership changes” had been made. “We just need to really refocus on this sustainable content plan,” said Bootie, who thanked the players for sticking with the game and acknowledged that “we could have offered a lot more.”

Bootie added that the development team is currently focused on “[improving] the quality of life in the game” and returning to “the usual rhythm of content.”

As for other gaming news, Netflix has announced Stranger Things VR, which will allow players to control Vecna and “take revenge on Eleven and Hawkins.”


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