The Head of Amazon on Television Watched The 2nd Season of “Reacher” and Expressed a Bold Opinion


The first season of “Reacher” starring Alan Ritchson presented one of the best new Amazon Prime Video shows and excited fans with a story that will be told in the second season. We don’t know when the new season will be released yet. be available for streaming, but we’ve put together 5 quick things we could figure out when it became known which of Lee Child’s books would be inspired by the second season of Reacher. Now we hear some encouraging words about the upcoming season, which has lit us up in anticipation of the coming.

Amazon Studios head of television Vernon Sanders took the time to talk to Collider about the success of the series “The Lord of the Rings”, “Rings of Power” and the upcoming season of “Reacher”. And, setting up what was to happen, Sanders raised the bar of expectations by saying:

Alan is back, and he’s just great in this role. I’m so proud that the producers found it suitable for Reacher. Fans of Reacher’s book, their reaction to the show was just a dream. Season 2 is cool. And no matter how great the first season was, I think the second season will exceed all expectations.

Okay, now we sit and pay attention. We liked the first season of “Reacher”, we believe that he did an incredible job, capturing the harsh cruelty of Lee Child’s novels, as well as filling the supporting roles with an excellent cast. We already know that one of the actresses of the first season, Maria Stan, will play the role of Frances Neagley, a former colleague of Jack Reacher (Alan Richson), who was also a member of Reacher’s elite military unit. Neagley helped Reacher from time to time if the complications he was investigating were related to the army. But the story of “Bad Luck and Trouble,” the book that will be the inspiration for the second season of “Reacher,” is strongly connected with Neagley as a character, so Stan should stay busy.

In truth, it shouldn’t be too hard for season 2 of “Reacher” to beat season 1, but that’s mostly because the first season was a trial, and the showrunners and producers didn’t know 100% what would work and what. needed revision. They chose an amazing book on which the next story will be based, and interestingly, although the first season of “Reacher” was based on Lee Child’s first novel about Jack Reacher, the second season did not feel the need to stay in chronological order of the way. books have been published. Reacher’s books are not always continuous. With each new book, a completely new adventure usually begins. So, the series jumped to the eleventh book of the series. It wasn’t something Alan Richeson would have preferred, but I’m sure he feels great just being back in Reacher’s place.

Then the head of the Amazon Studios television department talked about a possible third season of “Reacher”, and why not? Lee Child has written numerous books based on the main character, and we’ve even chosen four stories that are perfect for future seasons. But right now we just want season 2… or at least a trailer showing us what Alan Richson looks like in a role in a new story. We’re on fire, Vernon Sanders. Give us something!


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