The Haunting: Bly Mansion Misses Viewers’ Sleep


Netflix subscribers who watched The Haunting: Bly Mansion made a common comment for the series: losing sleep. According to the viewers, the show has an effect far beyond expectations.

When Netflix, one of the largest online streaming services in the world, approved the second season of The Haunting: House on the Hill, which aired in 2018 and was quickly hit, everyone was expecting a new season with different events in a similar format to the first season.

The Haunting: Bly Mansion, released last Friday (October 9), is a completely new production, except for a few actors, and it does a job that exceeds expectations with its extremely impressive content.

In a report we shared with you a few hours ago, we conveyed the effect that the “perfectly splendid” line, which is repeatedly repeated by the girl character Flora of The Haunting: Bly Mansion, had on the audience.

In this article, we will discuss the impact the entire season of The Haunting: Bly Mansion has had on the audience. Because if we look at the comments of Twitter users, the series is enough to keep the viewers from sleeping.

Some Netflix subscribers, who finished the 9-episode season of The Haunting: Bly Mansion in a single sitting, state that they could not get out of the effect of the series with the tweets they shared and even lost their sleep.


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