The hashtag #SciencesPorcs new #MeToo for students?


Sciences Po students have just lifted the veil on rape scandals that do not date from yesterday, thanks to the hashtag #SciencesPorcs.

Nothing spares the aggressors of the #MeToo wave, not even the students of Sciences Po. Fortunately, languages ​​are loosening. A flood of testimonies highlight abusive behavior within these walls.

Recently, students have denounced abusive behavior at Sciences Po. In short, the unflattering picture of the Institute of Political Studies is blackened.

Like what, the culture of rape dies hard, including at Sciences Po. The testimonies of nationals of IEP arrive at the appointed time on social networks.

We are also witnessing the emergence of hashtags like #MeToo or #BalanceTonPorc. A good way to denounce these abusive practices and behaviors that have long been overlooked.

Many victims were able to use Twitter as a forum to discuss the abuse perpetrated by well-known figures from Sciences Po’s IEP. Testimonies that do not date from yesterday.

The hashtag #SciencesPorc therefore takes on national proportions, to do justice to these students, who have long ignored this. Rape, moral or sexual harassment … We take stock so that you can see more clearly.


The law of omerta, of silence, had reigned for decades in France in the IEPs of Sciences Po. A taboo which tends to dissipate as student testimonies abound in this direction.

At the same time, the Duhamel affair shook the IEPs of Sciences Po, precipitating in its wake the resignation of its director, Frédéric Mion, embroiled in this incest affair. Since then, languages ​​have loosened.

This media coverage allowed Juliette, a 20-year-old student at Sciences Po Toulouse, to break the silence. So, she confessed that another student at her IEP had raped her.

“I didn’t think I would talk about it,” she said in her open letter, and yet… Subsequently, many other victims also denounced their torturers.

Including this student from Grenoble, abused by another attacker who justified his actions by saying that he wanted to “take care” of her. Chilling testimonies, which tend to multiply on the Web.

Another internet user denounces a man who allegedly raped a student with a bottle of beer. This time it was a student of Sciences Po Paris, from the Poitiers campus.

If women are the first victims of these attacks, the hashtag #MeTooGay has also made it possible to denounce the abusive practices of men on other men with the Guillaume case.

The typical profile of these aggressors is often the same. That of a man “in a position of power”, within a BDE for example.