The happiness of the late mother: Hilary Swank (48) is expecting twins!


Hilary Swank (48) has prepared a double surprise! The actress has already reached a number of professional heights: she even won an Oscar for her roles in the films “Baby in a Million” and “Guys Don’t Cry.” In a few years, she has found happiness not only professionally, but also personally: in 2018, she married entrepreneur Philip Schneider. Now the couple can look forward to their first offspring!

The 48-year-old actress told the TV show “Good Morning America” that she is pregnant. “I’m going to be a mom! And not one, but two [children],” she rejoiced. It’s really nice to finally not hide my pregnancy anymore. When her twins were due to see the light or what gender they were, Hilary kept it to herself for now.

In 2018, there were already rumors that the “Insomnia” actress was expecting her first child. In an interview with Gala, she stressed: “I had to wait all my life for the right man. He’s here now. It would be nice to have a family of your own.”


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