The hanging card in the tarot, is it positive or negative?


The hanged man is one of the most controversial tarot cards due to its contrasting interpretation. On the one hand, it can predict positive things and on the other it also tends to warn of negative events, but as tarot readers say, it depends on the state in which the querent is at that time.

In the traditional deck, this card, also known as The Hanged Man, represents Major Arcana number 12 and is characterized by having a man hanging upside down from a “T” -shaped structure or from the trunk of a tree. The feet form a four and their arms are apparently tied behind, forming an inverted triangle. Sometimes it usually has a halo on its head.

The face of the hanged man is seen serene so it is believed that he is suspended thus by his own will. Her red pants symbolize human passion, her blue coat the knowledge and the yellow sneakers the high ideals, according to the site El tarot de Tiziana explains.

General meaning

It symbolizes the return, being in suspense, stagnation, paralysis, abandonment, postponement of plans or sacrifice for something. It also represents altruism, self-denial, and disinterest in worldly things. It is a sign of passivity and of leaving things still, as they are.

It is mainly related to sacrifice, when something is abandoned for a greater good; It calls to ask you if it is worth the effort you are investing or you just whip yourself without any sense. Although it is a card that imposes due to its shape, it does not necessarily have to do with something negative, if it comes out on a roll it warns that the result may be good.

The one hung in love

It warns that it is on pause on issues related to the heart, also, it indicates that a couple’s relationship is ambiguous and they do not know if it will be worth continuing. It can tell you that it will be better to let it go and look to another horizon. It also means that one or both of you make inordinate sacrifices to sustain the relationship and it doesn’t turn out to be good.


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