The Handmaid’s Tale: Will Season 5 Be the End of Hulu’s Dystopian Series?


The Handmaid’s Tale, the dramatic post-apocalyptic series inspired by Margaret Atwood’s novel and created by Bruce Miller, premiered Season 4 on the Hulu streaming platform in June last year. A program that has received constant praise from specialized critics and has been nominated for a large number of awards, it is one of the most successful series of the last decade.

Starring Elisabeth Moss, The Handmaid’s Tale will be spawning a spin-off series, while fans eagerly await the arrival of season 5, which was promised in December 2020, months before the fourth installment was released, which was aired until mid-June 2021.

Let us remember that between seasons 3 and 4, The Handmaid’s Tale presented a delay in the premiere of the most recent installment, as happened with many television series, whose productions were interrupted by the global health crisis that has been plaguing the world since the beginning. of 2020. And although the series received the green light to develop season 5, many wonder where the dystopian drama that follows the life of June Osborne will go.

When Hulu renewed the series for a fifth season it wasn’t much of a surprise; However, what was not known was if The Handmaid’s Tale would conclude with this installment. Ann Dowd, who plays Aunt Lydia, addressed the future of the drama in an interview with the Radio Times while promoting the movie Mass. This she had to say about the show’s creators:

“The writers are very smart. They don’t say anything to the actors. What was I going to say about it? No, I have no idea what’s going to happen. I do know there’s a season 5 and 6.”

This is certainly a rather important revelation. The actress confirmed that The Handmaid’s Tale will have a season 6. Although, she did not say if the Elisabeth Moss series will close its story with the sixth part. However, just knowing that there are more stories to tell is a source of joy for viewers.

As for the spin-off of The Handmaid’s Tale, which will be called The Testaments, details remain scarce. So far, it has only been rumored that Dowd will reprise her role in the project, which will be set several years after the original series. The actress explained to Ellen DeGeneres in an interview that she would like to play her character again.

“And the other thing that I have, and I’m going to say it right now, is that I’ve thought that I hope they let me play her. The problem is that if they don’t, the actress who would have been cast should watch their back because I would hunt her down. until I left her.”