The Handmaid’s Tale: All About the Season 4 Premiere


The Handmaid’s Tale: Finally, the big day of The Handmaid’s Tale season 4 premiere has arrived. The Hulu production released the first three episodes of this new wave on Wednesday (28), showing the strength of Margaret Atwood’s narrative and the great characters who head the dramas presented.

So check out all the details of the season 4 premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale with our recap!

The Handmaid’s Tale: After two years of hiatus, what happened to the characters on the series?

Viewers watch another common day in Gilead, which unfortunately is quite painful. Esther (played by McKenna Grace) brings a terrible drama with her among the thousands already portrayed in the series. And, still in her feverish and numb state, June (Elizabeth Moss) confused the two girls and called her by the nickname of her real daughter.

Although she was barely able to walk, June insisted on approaching the house alone. When all of her companions danced in the barn, she just watched. The character is no longer one of them, but her leader, who is building a hidden resistance, becoming a celebrity in this chaotic world.

A potential problem that Season 4 brings with it, however, is that climaxes about the characters revolting can be resolved in advance, showing their stimulating speeches and making difficult decisions. But is it really that viewers have already seen all the potential that June can offer? We can believe that there is still much to come.

Somehow, the series now takes a new stance, showing that this is the story of Gilead’s downfall, starting with the loss of the children that June saved. One of the great highlights that the season premiere provides is about the Waterfords, when they received the news that June had already stayed in the not-too-distant past.

The 4th season of the Hulu series still features the arc that should follow for the next episodes, which will be distributed weekly starting next Wednesday. The public is eager to know the fate of the children on the days they were on Canadian soil.

While June was still facing some pain on the farm, attention was turned, almost unconsciously, to the meetings and the cultural shock of the children’s reception at the site, something that is yet to be explored later.

Another great highlight of this turbulent and action-packed start was the presence of the indomitable Aunt Lydia (played by actress Ann Dowd), who brought sensitivity to the screens, even with all visible signs of torture. The experience had not softened its permanent fury, but it seemed to have somehow pointed in a new direction.

In contrast, there are all the mechanisms used by the character to get what she wants. With a visceral tone of threat, she wants June to be delivered to her. When that finally happens, there is an exciting and exciting clash to be watched, showing the scenic power that the two actresses bring to viewers.

Certainly, there is a power game that may not yet be equivalent, providing precious details for the dramatic construction of the series and raising the bar for the season. Undoubtedly, episode 3, entitled “The Crossing”, is one of the most powerful released to date for the narrative.

When marking a real turning point for some characters, some things left at the end of their exhibition show that the production is following a path that, in the end, can be quite satisfactory. This must be June’s last escape, the first step on his way out of Gilead. To quote Lydia, it is the beginning of a new adventure.

Let’s wait for the next episodes of season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale.


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