The Handmaid’s Tale 4×8: June Has Its First Day in Court


The Handmaid’s Tale series is increasingly getting viewers very involved in the story. Season 4’s episode 8, titled “Testimony,” features June (Elizabeth Moss) appearing at Fred Waterford’s (Joseph Fiennes) hearing of indictments. The proceedings of the International Criminal Court are precursors to a trial and June shows what reality is like in Gilead.

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The Handmaid’s Tale: Are the ghosts of the past back?

At a meeting held to help ex-wifes, a woman wants to talk to Emily and leaves her shaken. Seeing this, June and Moira scream for the stranger to leave. During dinner that night, we learned that the woman was known as Aunt Irene in Gilead and was the one who caused Emily’s mutilation. June urges her friend to face Irene, who now goes by the name Iris.

June’s testimony

The next day, although June has asked Luke to appear, he appears in court because he wants to understand what she went through as a nurse. The Waterfords seem to be united, with Serena dressed in a teal maternity dress. June recounts the events of the series, being very objective in her speech, until she starts talking fondly about Mrs. Lawrence. She asks the court to put Fred on trial and give him the maximum sentence possible for his crimes. At home, June finds Luke and hugs him tightly, ready to reveal how the last time she saw Hannah was.

the waterfods

Even though she has no way to defend herself, Serena demonstrates a closer relationship with Fred after June’s testimony, when they leave and she sees that there are still people who admire her and support the idea of ​​Gilead.

Janine is back to Gilead

After Aunt Lydia gets angry and uses her stun gun on many people, including another aunt, she ends up in front of Commander Lawrence. He corrects her and says he needs her back in shape because they have a situation: a “runaway ward who was captured in Chicago” which is Janine. Lawrence points out that Lydia takes pleasure in causing pain and wants to give her a way out of it, pointing to Janine’s photo and making it clear that she can do whatever she wants with the nurse.

Janine is being held in the same torture dungeon where they took June, Lydia tells her that June is in Canada and Janine asks not to go back to being a nurse. Aunt Lydia hugs her and cries.

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