The Handmaid’s Tale 4×4: Janine Takes Over The Reins of June


The Handmaid’s Tale: Inspired by the work O Conto da Aia, the 4th season of The Handmaid’s Tale continues to surprise its fans. Janine needs to do something that is just another event on her long list of traumas, taking a leading role in protecting June – who has always protected her in place.

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The new episode showed that Janine is much stronger than we knew, even though she doesn’t always seem to be aware of everything that happens around her. She was also brutalized by Gilead and had her daughter taken from her, as is the case with the maids. However, even if viewers are left with this impression at times, she is not a helpless maid and who always needs June’s protection.

Alma and Briana’s death was like the last straw for Janine. She realized that it was June who delivered them and it transformed the way her colleague looked at her. For Janine, June may have become Gilead’s maid, influenced by her entire past, and she is no longer able to view all of her colleague’s plans as infallible.

However, June did what she thought was right. She was instrumental in getting the children and the Gilead Marthas out and tried to keep them alive as long as possible. The problem is that she is still impulsive and stubborn. Therefore, she does not always accept other opinions and believes that she is the only one capable of saving the maids.

Together, Janine and June need to protect themselves, each with her strength. If June saw Janine as a helpless girl, now she knows that her colleague can handle her own problems and we have a role exchange at The Handmaid’s Tale when it is Janine who needs to offer all her strength and support to June.

Janine sleeps with Steven so that the two can stay with the group of warriors who are protecting the two. While this was technically not a rape, there is no denying that forced sex will be more of a burden for Janine to carry. It was what she needed to do to keep them from being thrown out and thrown on the streets of Chicago.

Her future remains uncertain. They can still try to escape to Canada, join Mayden or even be captured and taken back to Boston. So let’s keep an eye on the next episodes of O Tale of the Aia to find out what’s going to happen!

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