The GTA 5 Map, 3D Printed By An Artist: Los Santos In Detail


GTA 5: More than 400 hours of dedication to print a complete and reliable map of Los Santos. Tribute to the most successful video game of all time. Dom Riccobene has recreated using custom software the mapping of Los Santos, the main city of Grand Theft Auto V and has printed it in 3D to show it in the form of a model. The work, which has taken more than 400 hours of dedication, results in a faithful and surprising representation of one of the most emblematic places in the history of video games.

In a few days, the artist’s work has already accumulated more than 13,800 likes on Twitter and shows the talent of this artist. The procedure, as he himself shows in his personal account of the social network Twitter, has gone through a digital stage with personalized computer tools.

In each panel, as if it were a board, he has been building each of the portions of the Rockstar Games stage. Then, with a 3D printer, he has shaped each piece of this true puzzle, he has placed everything and filmed it so that everyone can see both the process and the result.

Passion for detail: Los Santos, as we have never seen it

“To start with, I used a custom script to scan the terrain and buildings in RDR2 first,” Riccobene explains to Kotaku about the software used to scan the GTA 5 map. “Then I managed to port it for use in GTA V. It runs. in the game and collects the elevations of the terrain in a radius of 500-1000 meters around the player when a direct access key is pressed, adding up to more than 1,000,000 data points per scan ”, he assures. “The next challenge was to merge the point clouds and convert the dataset into real-world data so that it could be manipulated, processed, and analyzed with professional mapping and mapping software.”

Riccobene explains that each mosaic is a three-dimensional model weighing 800 MB. From that point on, through trial and error, he adjusted the print settings for each building, the grounds, and the water features. One of the complexities he encountered was being able to fit everything into one set. The result speaks for itself.

Dom Riccobene has an Instagram account where he shows his work as a design producer and creative artist; also some of his work as a filmmaker.

Grand Theft Auto V is available on PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and PC with more than 150 million units sold; November 11 will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S with technical improvements.


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