The group that fought against 30% of the App Store


Epic Games and other companies launched in September the Coalition for App Fairness (CAF), an organization that fights abusive store policies like the App Store. The movement that fights for clearer policies and reduced fees is gaining momentum: recently, another 20 companies have joined the cause.

According to the organizing members, several companies showed interest in the movement. The new applications that were approved by CAF do not have a great reputation in the industry, but they operate in different areas and show that discontent is widespread.

In addition to operating in several segments, the applications that have entered are also headquartered in different countries and regions of the world. In other words, the problem is also not centralized in the United States.

Who are the new members?

Below, you can check the complete list of apps that are now also in the movement that fights for better rates in stores like the App Store.

  • Beonex (development)
  • Breath Ball (health)
  • Challenge by Eristica (social)
  • Cladwell (e-commerce)
  • Down Dog Yoga (fitness)
  • Gift Card Offerwall (software)
  • Green Heart Games (game studio)
  • Imagine BC (software)
  • Passbase (business)
  • Qobuz (music)
  • QuackQuack (lifestyle)
  • Qustodio (lifestyle)
  • Safari Forever (game)
  • Schibsted (news)
  • Snappy Mob (software)
  • SpanishDict (education)
  • Sygic (navigation)
  • Vertical Motion (software)
  • YARXI (education)
  • Mobile Marketing Marketing Association (organization)

According to TechCrunch, all applications have complaints about the application distribution system used by stores today. Like Epic Games and Spotify, the main disagreement between companies is with Apple.

Passbase, for example, offers a login service similar to Sign In With Apple. The company had its tool denied on the App Store and accuses Apple of having done so to avoid competition.

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The Challenge app, from Eristica, was on the air for seven years and allowed to challenge friends to raise donations for charity. The platform was taken down by Apple for “encouraging dangerous behavior,” according to a post on the company blog.


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