The groom for 90 days: What happened to the cast of season 9 this week (June 27)


Get ready for the most exciting news and gossip about the cast of the 9th season of “The 90-day groom” from last week. To summarize, the 12th episode of the TLC series was dedicated to troubled exes, from Ariela Weinberg’s first husband Leandro Foske to Bilal Hazziz’s ex-wife, Shahida. Ariela’s pregnancy was teased in episode 11, and on Sunday night, when she reported that she wasn’t feeling well, Leandro asked her to take a pregnancy test. Ariela’s pregnancy test was negative, but some fans thought the scene looked staged, so they weren’t convinced by what they saw on TV.

Meanwhile, Shahida persuaded her namesake Shaida Sween to sign a prenup because she thinks a woman from Trinidad and Tobago is after all Bilal’s money. Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer attended the rodeo as he continued to mourn the loss of his brother. They have only three weeks left before the wedding. which won’t happen in court. Miona Bell still wants a big wedding outside of South Dakota, while her partner Jibri Bell knows his family won’t be able to attend the ceremony outside of a state ceremony. On the other hand, fans are in love with Gibri’s grandmother, who offered to hold his and Miona’s wedding.

Tice Ramon caused a storm in the kitchen when she cooked beef stroganoff with ketchup and mustard. Since Thais was still not ready to tell her father that she was marrying Patrick Mendes, his brother John Mendes was worried and wondered if she had good intentions. Thais was confused when she found out that John wanted Patrick to have a wild bachelor party. Mohamed Abdelhamed does not approve of the postponement of Yves Arellano’s wedding for a month. since he is worried about his visa documents.

Fans think Ariela is Really Pregnant

While Ariela took a pregnancy test during episode 12 and it turned out to be a false alarm, fans think she’s really expecting her second child right now. Ariela and Biniyam welcomed baby Aviel in November 2019, and on Sunday evening, an Ethiopian man shared that he wants a total of 10 children from Ariela. Although she may not have agreed with this at the time, Redditor u/The_Chuckness88 posted a photo of Ariela and Biniyam with a fan they met in Las Vegas. Ariela was wearing a thick poncho that covered her stomach, which made it more noticeable in the photo. Biniyam pointing at Ariela’s stomach made the photo even more suspicious and added to the suggestion that Ariela is pregnant.

Shaida casts a shadow on Bilal’s ex-wife

50 days before the wedding, Bilal and Shaida found themselves in the center of a marriage drama. Bilal began to sulk when Shaida wanted to make her own amendments to the document he had drawn up. It was then that Bilal Shahid’s ex-wife intervened to make sure Shaida would not take advantage of him. Fans thought that Shahida was not the place to talk to Shaida, and they felt that the former was inconvenient. However, Shaida took to Instagram to share a screenshot explaining the meaning of the word “bully,” possibly hinting at how Bilal’s ex-wife pressured her to change her mind. Moreover, the celebrity 90 Day Fiancé Shaeeda published a quote that read: “Quietly and calmly, because I feel sorry for the desperate, 5-minute, hungry people — we pray for them. When they fall, we stay on top.” This seemed to indicate that Bilal’s ex was not only wrong to accuse her of chasing Bilal’s wealth, but also desperately needed a little fame.

Djibri had a high-paying job before the black Serbs

Djibri is the frontman of his band Black Serbs, which was recently featured in season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé. significant income in Chicago. Jibri worked in real estate in Chicago in 2017. “I earned the most money I’ve ever had on paper… however, I was unhappy,” Jibri wrote to his Instagram followers. His misfortune made Jibri realize that this was the last time he would stay at a job he didn’t like. Then the “Rat Race” singer followed his heart and pursued his dream of becoming a musician who is proud of his work. “No matter how trite it may sound, if you have a dream, please pour gasoline on the fire!”, — wrote Jibri in his confession on Instagram.