The groom for 90 days: explanation of the medical study of Varya Raspberries


Groom for 90 days: Varya Malina, a graduate of the 90 Days program, recently took part in a medical study, and it’s time to share information about her experience. She was introduced to viewers in the spin-off 90 Day Fiancé for season 4, appearing alongside Jeffrey Paschel, who recently served his 18-year prison sentence for kidnapping and assaulting his ex-fiancee. Due to circumstances, Varya and Geoffrey did not get married. However, Varya still immigrated to America under the DV (Diversity Immigration Visa) program.

Varya now lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, looks after Jeffrey’s house and dogs, and is reportedly supported by Jeffrey’s brothers and friends. While she shows a positive attitude online, it’s clear that Jeffrey’s prison sentence has taken its toll on the reality TV star. Fans wondered if the medical study was a way to distract her from the shock she felt over his sentence and from the realization that she would start a new life without Jeffrey.

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Varya openly talked about her mental health problems and recently took part in a medical study on how the treatment of depression and anxiety affects blood pressure. Before the study took place, she had to prove that she had good physical health. Varya had to take several tests a few weeks before the medical test, and the reports indicate that she passed them all. While participating in the study, Varya was connected to a heart monitor, and nurses came to her every 20 minutes to check her condition. She could not eat during the first stage of observation and claimed that she almost fainted after the nurses took several vials of blood. Her stay in the hospital was not always pleasant, as the medical staff woke her up every two hours to take her blood pressure. The dream was not in the cards.

The research was quite intrusive, and the “90-day Groom” star had more to worry about than a lack of food and sleep. During cardiac monitoring, Varya had health problems. It was reported that her heart rate was 40 when she should have been at least 50. She informed her fans that she has a family history of heart problems, so her own heart health issue was probably a stressful moment for her. Varya suffers from serious side effects from the trial. She doesn’t sleep well, feels restless, has a dry mouth, and is constantly dizzy. She also has difficulty concentrating because her vision is impaired.

Her future husband is in prison, without the possibility of parole. Ultimately, participating in the medical study was for the common good, to help other people living with depression and anxiety. Fans were proud of the graduate of the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days program for sharing her experience during and after the study. Fans were quick to thank her for her participation and wished her a full recovery. They want Varya to be happy now and in the future.