The Grey Man: What happened to Brother Six?


Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for the Gray Man and descriptions of child abuse.

The Gray Man mentions Brother Six when he explains why he went to prison, but what really happened to him? The Judicial Nobleman (Ryan Gosling), a.k.a. Sierra Six has a largely mysterious past in The Grey Man, which is one of the key reasons he was recruited as a CIA assassin. The Grey Man includes a series of quick flashbacks to Six’s childhood that show him being abused by his father — with this violence reflecting the challenges he faces on the run — but very little is said about his family today.

When the Sixth was 15 years old, he went to prison for fatally shooting his father. The Sixth explains that his father used “unreasonable” methods to try to turn his sons into “macho”, and the Gray Man’s memories show how he burned the Sixth with cigarettes and immersed him in a bath. Eventually, Six realized that the violence had become so intense that he feared his brother would eventually die, so young Sierra Six took matters into her own hands. After killing his father for what he considered a valid reason, the Sixth went to prison as a minor, and the identity of the Gray Man character was erased in 2003 when the CIA recruited him to participate in the Sierra program.

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Although the Gray Man confirms that Six’s father has died, he never reveals what became of Six’s brother, for whom he went to prison trying to protect him. The Gray Man hinted that the Sixth’s mother had been dead for a long time, suggesting that she may have died when the Gentry brothers were young. Consequently, since the 15-year-old Sixth was sent to prison and their father died, his brother was probably placed in foster care. The sixth and his brother may have lost touch due to the fact that one was in prison, and the other was probably commuting from house to house. Although Six says that Claire Fitzroy (Julia Butters) and Donald (Billy Bob Thornton) are the closest relatives he has left, his brother may still be alive, but he has no idea where he has gone. If Brother Six had been alive at the time he became Sierra’s agent, they might have decided to cut off contact so that his brother would not be used as leverage.

How was the Sixth recruited if he still has a family?

Although the Gray Man does not confirm his fate, one of the evidence pointing to the death of Brother Six is the criteria Fitzroy originally used to recruit Sierra agents. The antagonist of the Gray Man, Danny Carmichael (Less often Jean Page), explains that the killers were partly chosen due to their lack of family, which is consistent with the assumption of the Sixth that the Fitzroys are the only family he has left. If the CIA had known that Six still had a brother, especially the one he went to prison for, they might not have chosen him as a ruthless killer in their program. Although this would indicate that Brother Six is dead, the agency might have overlooked their relationship if they hadn’t lived with each other.

The ending of the Gray Man, not revealing what happened to Brother Six, may push him to appear in the sequel. Since Claire and Six are on the run from the CIA, they will need help to escape, and their only ally will be CIA agent Dani Miranda (Ana de Armas). Since the agency is watching Dani as one of its operatives, Six and Claire still need someone to hide them, and it could be Six’s brother. If it turns out that he is still alive, Brother Six will be the only remaining character in the Gray Man that they can trust.


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