The Great Gatsby: Creator of Vikings to adapt


According to the American entertainment website The Hollywood Reporter, the creator of the Vikings series, Michael Hirst, is working on a mini-series adaptation of the classic novel The Great Gatsby.

The book, which is considered one of the largest ever written in the English language, has already inspired numerous adaptations, with the film by Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge), of 2013, starring the best known star Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Mguire.

The film won two trophies at the Oscars. One for a better costume and the other for a better production design.

However, Hirst intends, with the new work, to reach new levels of popularity, since the production has a big budget.

In addition, the project promises not to be a direct transposition of the original creation, since it will be centered on the black New York community of the 1920s and on jazz, a genre that influenced the time.

There is currently no broadcaster linked to the project. However, Hirst, who will also serve in executive production, is looking for a cable network or streaming service to house his new series.

Learn about Michael Hirst, creator of the Vikings series
The creator of the Vikings series, Michael Hirst, is not a beginner when it comes to period productions. The screenwriter is also responsible for the films Elizabeth, from 1998, and Elizabeth: The Golden Age, from 2007, which tell the story of Queen Elizabeth I of England, the first of which was considered responsible for enshrining actress Cate Blanchett.

In addition, Hirst wrote the 2013 series The Tudors, based on the story of King Henry VIII of England. However, it was with the epic drama Vikings, of 2013, that the author reached his greatest success so far.

Certainly, the screenwriter is familiar with English historical references. Therefore, the expectation is high for the quality of your next project. Keep an eye out for more news!


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