The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, Impressions. What Makes These Deliveries Unique?


The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles: We play the first cases of the first title in the series, which helps us understand how things have changed compared to the original saga. We too took it for granted at a certain point that this moment was never going to come; but here we are, on the journey of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. The bilogy, made up of two spin-off installments within the veteran Ace Attorney series (Adventures and Resolve), places us in the 19th century, the Meiji Era, with an aspiring lawyer who will travel to Victorian London due to different circumstances. We have already played the first four cases (there are ten; five of each installment), and for the moment we are assimilating all the things that have happened. Shu Takumi, unleashed.

If you’ve never played the Ace Attorney saga, don’t worry, because this plot has nothing to do with the previous episodes. You can start from here. Not surprisingly, in MeriStation we have a couple of articles where we explain how to enter the saga and on what platforms to do it.

The different ways of truth

This text is not an analysis, for that we have to wait a few days. We don’t want to delve too deeply into plot details either, because it would be ruining the experience. We invite you to join us in this small preview as a discovery of two works that are, in reality, a perfectly woven, connected plot, in which the setting is justified line by line.

Because the premise is not only to change the protagonist, setting and time. These visual novels take the moment they meet very seriously, they contemplate the life of the time and make it their own. This is the only way to understand the way of thinking of the characters, the technological limitations of the time and concepts such as trust, deception, honor and will. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is an excellently written video game where even the first case, which is usually a kind of tutorial with an introduction to the mechanics, already starts going strong. As Justice for All or Trials and Tribulations did in the past for plot convenience.


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