The Gravity Rush movie is in development at PlayStation Productions


There is a certain niche filled with games like Gravity Rush, giving players a unique experience that quenches an itch that many did not even know about. Unfortunately, any niche product will have a limited audience by default. Thus, most fans are probably resigned to the idea that they will never see another Gravity Rush game after the second one.

Fortunately, it seems that their appreciation for real estate has not gone unnoticed. Deadline reports that PlayStation Productions has teamed up with Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions to begin work on a full-fledged Gravity Rush movie. This news largely came out of nowhere, and in fact little is known about the project, but it will surely be a welcome surprise for everyone who has found a cult series of hit games to their liking.

At this early stage of production, details about the film are sparse at best. But the project already has a director and a screenwriter. Anna Mastro, who shot the Disney Plus superhero movie “The Secret Society of the Second-born Members of the Royal Family” in 2020, will direct the film “Gravity”. Meanwhile, the script will be written by Emily Jerome, known for the script of Anthony Mackie’s upcoming thriller “Panopticon”.

Originally started as one of the defining exclusive games for Playstation Vita before being ported to PS4, Gravity Rush differed from many of its contemporaries with its creative passing methods and cute main character Kat. As a young woman who has lost her memory, she only knows that she can control gravity (thanks to her mysterious cat friend Dusty). So she uses her powers to protect the found Hexeville house by jumping around the flying city. It’s a simple story, but the visual style and the style of the game attracted the audience enough to make a decent sequel. Although, most likely, the film will simply retell the events of the first game.

This may be great news for those who have been clinging to the last shred of hope that Gravity Rush is still alive as a franchise. Aside from some cameos in other games, things have been mostly quiet around Kat and her friends since 2017’s well-received Gravity Rush 2. Thus, the announcement of this film is probably the most notable story concerning the series since then. Not to mention the opportunity to hear something resembling your favorite game soundtracks on the big screen.

Again, little is known about the film. But given the kinds of production value invested in other PlayStation Productions projects, such as Uncharted, fans may be a little hopeful. Maybe at least it will inspire Sony to finally release a PS5 patch for Gravity Rush 2. Hey, everyone is allowed to dream.


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