The Grand Theft Auto Online Player Points Out A Funny Problem With Boxes And Forklifts


Grand Theft Auto Online by Rockstar Games is played by millions of people from all over the world, including one player with warehouse knowledge who discovered a funny problem with wooden pallets, boxes and forklifts. This hidden part can be found in many places of Grand Theft Auto Online, but mostly it can be found in the warehouse.

Grand Theft Auto Online regularly supports 100,000 players, and in addition to the frequent updates it receives to keep fans coming back, it has also received a complete add-on called “Contract” featuring Dr. Dre. Given the popularity and duration of the Rockstar Games game, people from all walks of life had the opportunity to explore the extensive map of Los Santos, and one player, possibly having experience working in a warehouse, noticed a problem with boxes, forklifts and wooden pallets. Reddit user Satyris recently shared an image of his experience in GTA Online, in which their character questions one serious problem with how things are stored on massive shelves.

Because of the way these wooden pallets are stored in warehouse racks, it is physically impossible to remove the boxes with a forklift, as someone would do in a real warehouse. Given how the pallets are stored in this photo, the forklift truck will have to use the less stable side of the skids to move them with some help, which can cause damage to the products, as the device may be prone to rocking. Although the wooden pallets and boxes on the shelves in the screenshot of GTA Online from Satyris are on display and do not actually need to be moved like in a warehouse, the problem may just be one of the many minor but funny moments of Grand Theft Auto Online.

How could the loader leave the crates in such a state? How will this calm them down?! from gtaonline

The main problem preventing the skids from loading and unloading in the screenshot of Grand Theft Auto Online from Satyris is the cross beams at the end of each shelf, which add additional structural support. These beams prevent the boxes from entering and exiting from the side from which, as can be seen in the image, the forklifts are approaching. Because of the headache this would cause in real warehouses, a forklift truck needs access to an entry point known as a chamfer so that goods can be easily transported. Due to how often GTA Online receives updates, these bugs can simply be fixed in a patch as soon as Rockstar Games gets to it after fixing issues affecting gameplay, such as the overpowered Oppressor MK 2 car.

Several forklift operators turned to Satyris’ post in GTA Online to talk about the difficulties of storing such boxes and which machines are better suited for this job, but do not appear as vehicles in the Rockstar game. While some players have suggested that they will never be able to fix this pallet problem in GTA Online, others have discussed the differences between Grand Theft Auto’s exteriors and their interiors.

Grand Theft Auto Online is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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