The graduate of the “Big Bang Theory” Kaley Cuoco played for the first time in the movie “Mom” with a sweet photo


While Kaley Cuoco may not be a mother in real life, you’ll soon see her playing one of them. After “The Big Bang Theory” revealed the date of the series finale, you may have wondered what her career would be like without the role of Penny. Well, among other things, the comedic actress has prepared a new film in which she will play a mother for the first time, as she showed in her cute photo from the set.

This film starring Kaley Cuoco is an action movie called “Role-playing Game”, in which she plays the main role and is co-produced by the production company Yes, Norman Productions. This upcoming film tells about a young married couple who discover the secrets of each other’s past. In the image, which was uploaded to her Instagram Stories, Cuoco was holding the actress who will play her baby daughter in her arms, with a shocked expression on her face. She wrote in the caption “Mom for the first time in the cinema” with a heart at the bottom that says “Awww.”

Although we have no idea how her role as a mother will fit into the story of the film, we know that David Oyelowo from Selma will play Cuoco’s husband, and Billy Bob Thorton from The Bad News Bears will play a “mysterious stranger.” It looks like this character will be the one to shake up the couple’s relationship. It will be an interesting turn of events to see how Cuoco’s character’s role as a mother will affect the married couple. This will give us the opportunity to see how the 36-year-old actress reveals her talents beyond sketch comedies.

Another TV project in which the production company of the actress “8 simple rules” will take part is “Season with Mom” on television. This sentimental story is based on the true story of baseball enthusiast Katie Russell Newland, who took it upon herself to visit all 30 Major League baseball stadiums. This trip was dedicated to her mother, with whom she planned to make this adventure before she passed away from cancer. It is not yet specified whether Kaley Cuoco will play the main role in the “Season with Mom” or just stay behind the scenes. Considering that she and Newland are close in age, it would be quite reasonable for her to play the main role.

“The Big Bang Theory” did not become the end of the comedic actress’ career. After the final episode of the popular CBS sitcom, Kaley Cuoco found her first big role on television in the animated series “Harley Quinn” about the misadventures of a DC character after leaving her boyfriend the Joker. She also has a starring role in the HBO Max series “Flight Attendant,” which earned her her first Golden Globe nomination. She is also starring in a romantic comedy with Pete Davidson called Meet Honey.

Kaley Cuoco has nowhere to go but up, as her production company gives her the opportunity to take on roles that expand her talents on and off screen. You can see the brilliance of this talented actor in the films “Harley Quinn” and “Flight Attendant” by subscription to HBO Max.