The GoPro Hero 9 will arrive with a front color screen


GoPro has been postulated as the camcorder for lovers of extreme sports. And it is that until her arrival it was never so easy to make a subjective shot of a shot. Its name is now used to determine all sports cameras and today it continues as a market reference. This seems to be the case for longer with the arrival of the GoPro 9 with a front color screen, which could be coming soon.

GoPro will add color to your front screen

Carrying a camera with you every day has never been easier. Mobile phones are to blame for having this technology and polishing it to scandalous limits, but that does not mean that it is the only segment where there is improvement. Camcorders have seen its interior rebuilt from a tape to a small cassette to internal storage if allowed. But the more adventurous prefer something more compact and resistant, two characteristics that GoPro more than meets.

The action camera has a lot of functions, but a key element to use it is the front screen. In recent versions, this window has grown, offering more information on the capture mode and resolution among other features. But little has changed on an aesthetic level since it has only grown while maintaining its monochrome and digital appearance.

But this could be a thing of the past with the arrival of the GoPro Hero 9 and its front color camera. According to The Verge, the multimedia gadget is on the way and rumors suggest that the display will maintain its dimensions and location. However, the big news is the presence of color in it. And this brings with it a possible feature that will help many content creators: the ability to focus on oneself without leaving the frame thanks to a ‘selfie function’.


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