The Google Cloud Jam-a-thon begins!


The Google Cloud Jam-a-thon training series, which is prepared on Google Cloud and provides the opportunity to start from the basics to the intermediate level, begins!


From services such as GeForce Now and Stadia that allow you to play games without the need for good hardware, to Drive and Dropbox, which offer TBs of storage at reasonable prices, all services are based on cloud technology. An important event is organized for those who want to improve themselves on Google Cloud, which includes the servers of YouTube and the search engine and is one of the biggest service providers when it comes to cloud technology.

As part of the Google Cloud Jam-a-thon event, which will start on October 11, participants will have the opportunity to develop themselves in cloud technologies, starting from scratch.

In addition to interactive trainings and surprise gifts with speakers specialized on Google Cloud, participants will be given the opportunity to ask questions, get support and meet new people.

The training series, which will last for 5 weeks, includes 14 trainings that combine theory and practice, carefully selected to provide the best benefit to the participants.

What is Google Cloud Jam-a-thon?

It is a training series on Google Cloud that you can start from basic to intermediate level.

The trainings will take place on the Qwiklabs platform, where you can experience Google Cloud technology free of charge. Google Cloud Jam-a-thon will start with basic topics such as Qwiklabs tour and virtual machine and continue with Data Engineer and Cloud Engineer focused trainings in the coming weeks.

By successfully completing the trainings, you can qualify for both Qwiklabs badges and training certificates.

You can click here to get more detailed information about Google Cloud Jam-a-thon and to register for the event.


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