The Good Fight: Selena Gomez Criticizes Series After Transplant Joke


The series The Good Fight became a target of fans of actress and singer Selena Gomez after inserting in an episode last month a controversial phrase about the singer’s kidney transplant. In 2017, the artist needed an organ replacement due to problems related to lupus, a fact widely reported in the media and discussed in some TV program scripts.

In the case of the Paramount+ series, the subject returned in a conversation between some characters about topics that television shows should avoid in order not to be “cancelled” on the internet, mentioning necrophilia, autism and others. One of those that caught the most attention was when they commented on Gomez’s transplant, an approach that was frowned upon and considered insensitive.

Selena Gomez herself came on her social networks to respond to what happened, and highlighted that there is no fun in the transplant process. “I’m not sure how writing jokes about organ transplants has become a recurring topic on television shows, which is unfortunate. I hope that when one of these bad jokes is presented at an upcoming writers’ meeting [to present ideas], it will be dropped immediately and not aired.”

In her post, she also thanked the fans for their support and included a link for interested parties to find out more about the importance of kidney transplantation.

The phrase said in The Good Fight and the speech of Gomez refer to another time when the subject appeared in a series. Last year, Saved by the Bell brought in some characters debating the identity of the kidney donor she received. The Peacock streaming service, responsible for the attraction, later went public to apologize and withdraw from the scene.


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