The Good Doctor: will he be able to take care of the baby?


The 4th season of The Good Doctor brought a very interesting insight into Shaun’s ability to be empathetic and his reflections on the future. In the last episode, Lea told him that she is pregnant and now the two must make a decision that will affect their entire relationship and the next steps.

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More details of the 4×12 episode of The Good Doctor

In this new episode, Lea and Shaun question their dynamics as a couple and what it would be like for them to take care of a baby. One of the factors that seems small, but which, in fact, is very important, is the fact that Shaun is increasingly managing to deal with his emotions and empathize with other people.

The doctor takes care of a patient also diagnosed with autism and begins to ponder his own emotions. Still, he is afraid that he will not be able to understand his own son’s feelings if the two really decide to have the child.

He asks Claire for advice, creating various scenarios that could disrupt her son’s life in the future. One of his concerns is that the child has no friends, to which Claire replies that the world is changing little by little. “I haven’t changed,” replies Shaun, referring to his difficulty in understanding other people’s feelings.

What he doesn’t notice is his own change. In taking over his relationship with Lea, Shaun has already taken a giant step towards understanding not only his own emotions, but also the ability to care about what someone he is passionate about feels.

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Another important point to demonstrate how Shaun has changed is breaking the Chambers mug. He understands why the doctor was upset with him and tries hard to fix the situation. One more point for Shaun!

Most of this episode of The Good Doctor was focused on Shaun’s dilemmas, but Enrique’s departure also deserves to be highlighted. His departure was sudden, mainly because he seemed to love his work at St. Bonaventure. However, when he receives a proposal to work at the Johns Hopkins hospital, he accepts without hesitation.

To conclude, Lea decides that she is going to have the baby. That is the logical decision and fans have already hoped that she did not have the courage to have an abortion. With that, the dynamics of your relationship will surely change and we can’t wait to see what the couple’s future will be like!

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