The Good Doctor: Why is the death of Dr. Melendez still a blow?


The Good Doctor is currently broadcasting the final episodes of its fifth season on the ABC television network, however, what happened in the last moments of the third installment of the medical drama caused many fans to leave the program, after Dr. Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) one of the favorite characters died.

Recall that Dr. Neil Meléndez died during the final episode of the third season of The Good Doctor, after suffering serious injuries from an unexpected earthquake that occurred in San José, California. He although he had brief appearances in the first episodes of the fourth season in visions that Claire (Antonia Thomas) had, but little by little he stopped appearing.

Curiously, the producer of the medical drama, David Shore, assured all the fans that the reason why they decided to end the character was to try to provide comfort to all the people who have lost a special being or a great co-worker. Which is why he continued to appear briefly in the fourth season as a ghost.

“Claire’s story is very much about trying to bring comfort to people who have lost someone and doing what you can do.”

Although her return brought many emotions to viewers, fans were completely disappointed, as she only appeared in Claire’s imagination briefly. However, now that actress Antonia Thomas has also left the medical drama in the fourth installment, things have become more difficult, dealing a blow to The Good Doctor.

Since the middle of season 4 of The Good Doctor, viewers have been making certain criticisms of the medical drama, especially because they have removed important characters such as Dr. Melendez and the abandonment of several actors who had great roles such as Antonia Thomas and actress from Dr. Carly Lever, Jesika Nicole, who left the show unexpectedly.

“Little by little the show is losing not only important characters, but also the story is getting kind of boring,” said one fan on Reddit.

Despite his departure from the drama, Nicholas Gonzalez has been revealing on his official Instagram account his participation in NBC’s sci-fi series La Brea. A program that has been drawing the attention of all viewers and fans who know the actor.

The fifth season of The Good Doctor aired its last episode on November 22, 2021, going on hiatus to broadcast the remaining episodes of this installment. According to what the ABC television network has been revealing, the medical drama will return again in April.