The Good Doctor: The medical drama disappoints its followers with this recent news


Since its debut in 2017, The Good Doctor has been giving screens a lot to talk about thanks to its stories, unexpected twists and real-life cases inspired by each of the medical cases seen in this ABC drama. . However, viewers have been very disappointed this week.

It was recently announced that The Good Doctor will be taking a break from screens for at least the next two weeks, meaning it won’t return until spring 2022 in a major reshuffle. As we will remember, in November the drama also experienced a long break that made its viewers furious.

Now, once again we will be seeing the absence of the occurrences of Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), and probably will not return to its regular schedule until April at the earliest, these are some of the insinuations, since the network has refused to confirm when exactly the popular medical drama will return.

Due to all these delays, fans are still waiting to see how an upcoming showdown between Dr. Audrey Lim (Christina Chang) and Salen Morrison (Rachel Bay Jones) will play out. Meanwhile, Dr. Murphy and his girlfriend Lea Dilallo’s (Paige Spara) wedding plans could go up in smoke after she goes behind her back to improve his grades at the hospital.

However, all these concerns will have to wait, since there is still no new episode scheduled to air this week or next, and so far, a new family drama has taken over the usual slot of 10:00 p.m. The Good Doctor.

Although it is the first time that The Good Doctor has made an indefinite pause in its five-year history through the ABC television channel, the production assured its millions of viewers that this fifth season of the program will continue to be broadcast on screens.

Hopefully, ABC will release more information on season five soon, but until then, fans can rely on the cast and crew of The Good Doctor for all the latest updates.