The Good Doctor: Showrunner talks about the future


Heads up! This text contains spoilers from the latest episodes of The Good Doctor

After the shocking end of the 4×11 episode of The Good Doctor, in which we found out that Lea is pregnant, many fans were left wondering: Will Shaun be a good father? In an interview for TV Line, the showrunner of the series, David Shore, confirms the pregnancy and already gives some tips of what we should expect in the next chapters.

Pregnancy will be important for the entire 4th season

According to the showrunner, the next episode of The Good Doctor will continue where the other one left off with Shaun digesting the unexpected news.

From there, we will see the couple having to deal with the uncertainties that come with an unplanned pregnancy. The fact that the doctor and Lea have been together for a short time will also be mentioned. According to Shore, the biggest question is, “Are they ready?”

When asked if the couple will consider an abortion, the showrunner simply replied that the two have many questions that they need to answer. What we do know is that this whole situation will be fundamental for the remaining episodes of season 4.

Other news

In addition to Lea’s pregnancy, Shore confirmed that The Good Doctor will address the obvious feelings that Park and Morgan are feeling for each other. We will also see more of Glassman in the operating room.

The Good Doctor returns with the new episode on March 22 on ABC channel. In Brazil, the first 3 seasons of the series are available through Globoplay.

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