The Good Doctor Season 5: Why Shaun Murphy Is Still Devastated in Episode 8


The Good Doctor, the medical drama that follows the lives of the staff who make life at St. José Bonaventure Hospital, especially Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), was initially scheduled to return in the spring with a new episode of season 5 However, the ABC chain decided to advance the delivery for this Monday, February 28, taking up the story that showed the main character totally devastated.

Recall that when The Good Doctor said goodbye to fans at the end of November, Shaun Murphy was affected after the baby died during the delivery of the woman he helped during a car accident. The reason, the supply of expired medicines by the hospital, as a result of the economic cuts to which he is being subjected by Salen Morrison (Rachel Bay Jones).

Fans of The Good Doctor witnessed the high level of stress Freddie Highmore’s character is going through. In addition to this, Ahaun Murphy later learned that Lea Dilallo (Paige Spara) manipulated the patient appreciation statistics to favor him with a higher score than she was entitled to. The consequence of her, that the character told her fiancée that he would no longer marry her.

Another of the situations that generated the crisis in Shaun Murphy was the fact that his mentor, Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff), made the decision to move to Montana. It was this accumulation of things that caused the character to explode in an emotional situation that is unprecedented in the hit ABC medical drama, which currently remains on the air with its fifth installment.

This week’s Monday episode focused some of his attention on what’s going on between Shaun and Lea. According to the showrunner of The Good Doctor, David Shore, he explained that what Lea did contributed greatly to the explosion of Shaun Murphy, who permanently tries to do everything in the most correct way. With Lea’s actions, he practically felt offended.

In the remaining episodes of season 5 of The Good Doctor, according to Shore, after the death of the baby there will be threats from the hospital doctors against Salemn Morrison, who, focused on his managerial and bureaucratic issues, believes he is doing things right by cutting the hospital budget without taking into account the lives of patients, something with which professionals including Dr. Shaun Murphy differ. And that after all this there will be consequences.