The Good Doctor Season 5: The truth behind the tragedy that marred the end of the drama


The Good Doctor premiered its season 5 on September 27 of last year through the ABC transmission network and remained on the air until Monday of this week when episode 18 was broadcast, the last of this part of the story that follows Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) and the rest of the medical staff who work at the St. José Bonaventure hospital. (Spoilers for episode 18, the season 5 finale)

Fans of the hit medical drama knew that The Good Doctor season 5 finale would be marked by something horrendous. This was revealed by the promotional trailer for episode 18 released last week by ABC. And as expected, that moment occurred during the last minutes of the broadcast.

Viewers of The Good Doctor were shocked when Dr. Audrey Lim (Christina Chang) and nurse Dalisay Villanueva (Elfina Luk) were stabbed to death. It’s certainly one of the scariest moments to come on NBC’s medical drama since the tragic death of Dr. Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez).

With this way to culminate season 5 of The Good Doctor, the ABC show continues to put its characters in danger. It is not known if Dr. Audrey Lim and Villanueva are dead, which means this is the major mystery that will keep fans intrigued for quite some time, at least until the show returns to screens with the sixth installment in the fall. of this year.

Both Audrey Lim and Villanueva were stabbed to death by the latter’s violent ex-boyfriend, Owen, in one of the most twisted scenes the show has ever featured. In this sense, the executive producer of The Good Doctor, David Shore, spoke about the development of this story through an interview with TV Line.

And there is a reason to have carried out a scene as sinister as the one presented this Monday at the end of season 5 of The Good Doctor, David Shore, told the media that he hopes that the viewers of the medical drama remain concerned about the fate of Dr. Audrey Lim until Season 6 premieres.

“That’s the whole point. We don’t do anything that isn’t meaningful. As writers, we want to make sure every story is meaningful. That doesn’t mean we’re going to lose it. We love it. But there are challenges ahead.”

“I think she’s excited about that. Look, I think the actors are worried about their jobs on some level, but they also want to deal with juicy stuff, and she’s great, so any chance we get to give her something with some meat, It’s so much fun to watch her perform.”