The Good Doctor Season 5: Producer reveals there is no happy ending for Lea and Shaun


ABC’s popular medical series The Good Doctor has made its return to screens after a three-month hiatus. Fortunately, the storyline that keeps everyone excited is Shaun (Freddie Highmore) and Lea’s (Paige Sparra) wedding. However, things will not be as everyone expects, because the showrunner has clarified that both may not have a happy ending.

The Good Doctor returned with its season 5 this February 28, broadcasting its episode 8 after Shaun had left her relationship with Lea aside due to various problems that occurred in the hospital and her deception. Let us remember that everything took place after the tragic death of the baby of a patient on whom Shaun, Lim (Christina Chang) and Jordan (Bria Samoné Henderson) were operating.

On top of that, Lea decided to change her patient’s report card score without telling him, completely tearing Shaun apart and disappointing her, so she decides that they both go their separate ways and cancel all wedding plans for her. But, according to the statements of the showrunner of the medical drama, David Shore, not everything in the couple’s relationship will be happiness.

“He says, ‘I was upset for a reason. You [Lea] let me down. You did wrong, and you have to correct it. And so can she do it right? Can she correct that?

During his interview for Entertainment Weekly, Shore explained that the show’s goal was to be realistic and show relatable people facing real challenges. So fans believe Shaun and Lean will finally get over this rough patch to get their engagement back on track and all be happy, but the showrunner made the following clear:

“We don’t always have the happy ending, as evidenced by where we left off, but we want to have the happy ending, and most of the time we will.”

Let us remember that since the arrival of Salem (Rachel Bay Jones) at the San Jose St. Bonaventure hospital, the policies of the place have changed almost completely, which has led the doctors of the drama to experience difficult problems with the patients when applying them. However, the showrunner revealed that while Salem won’t shy away from the baby incident, she would instead want to remedy it, rather than look at her mistake.

But, now that Shaun and Lea’s relationship is in one of the most critical moments, it seems that the decisions they make from this moment will affect their wedding day, as it has been revealed in the first return trailer of the medical drama, after he decides to say “no” to her at the altar. It only remains to wait for the development of the next episodes of season 5 with this story that keeps all fans anxious.