The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 8: Release Date Confirmed & Trailer


The Good Doctor, one of the most successful medical dramas on television, premiered its fifth season on Monday, September 21, through the ABC broadcast network. Two months later, at the end of November, the series said goodbye to viewers after launching episode 7, promising a return for spring 2022, but everything changed.

The series, starring Freddie Highmore as doctor Shaun Murphy, would initially go on a long hiatus for the first half of the season; however, things changed. This Tuesday, February 15, it was announced that The Good Doctor will return with new episodes earlier than planned.

According to information released by TVLine, The Good Doctor will launch episode 8 of season 5 on Monday, February 28 at its usual time of 10/9c. Without a doubt, it is an advance that no fans expected, but everything happened due to a movement of the ABC network with another of its series.

It turns out that Promised Land was banned from ABC’s schedule after airing five low-rating episodes. The freshman drama will air again until Monday, February 21, but will become an exclusive series on streaming platform Hulu starting Tuesday, March 1, the source revealed.

Fortunately, this is the best news The Good Doctor fans have received in a long time. The hit medical drama ended its fall season at the end of November, with a plot that surely left more than one in a state of anguish after the baby died during childbirth attended by Dr. Shaun Murphy.

The Good Doctor season 5 episode 8 trailer confirms new release date and Shaun’s decision on Lea

The medical series should finally reveal what’s next for Shaun and Lea Dilallo (Paige Spara). Recall that in The Good Doctor season 5 episode 7, Highmore’s character discovered that his fiancée altered her grades related to comments from Shaun’s patients.

At the end of this installment, Shaun revealed that he no longer wanted to marry Lea. And as the new promotional trailer for the eighth episode reveals, Shaun is determined to put his romantic relationship behind him, while she tries to find a way to resolve the situation. Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff) seems to be on her side and suggests that Shaun give him a chance because of her mistake. But, as Shaun explains, “I don’t want to marry someone who’s just settling for me.”