The Good Doctor Season 5: Another character who left the hospital with episode 10


The Good Doctor is the medical drama of the American broadcast network ABC, which airs on Mondays of each week with its season 5, narrating the stories of the doctors, nurses and residents who make life at St. Jose Bonaventure Hospital, especially that of Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore). The series, when this installment began last October, said goodbye to one of its characters, and now with the broadcast of episode 10, another is leaving the program after the departure of Dr. Mateo Rendón. (Spoilers for episode 10)

Since it premiered in 2017, The Good Doctor has featured a large number of characters in its stories, including main characters, recurring characters and others who have come as guests. As a whole, they are all essential when it comes to narrating specific plot arcs, which are also key elements to keep the audience hooked, as has been happening with season 5 of the ABC medical drama.

Season 5 of The Good Doctor, in addition to focusing on the sometimes complicated romance between Shaun Murphy and his fiancée Lea Dilallo (Paige Spara), also set its plot centering primarily around the Hospital. At the beginning of this installment, the drama introduced Rachel Bay Jones, who appeared in the series with a character named Salen Morrison, who practically came to annoy the staff of the medical facility and stir everything up to the point of turning everyday life. in a chaos.

Let’s remember that in episode 7 of season 5 of The Good Doctor that was broadcast at the end of last November, fans of the series witnessed the crisis that Shaun Murphy experienced, not only as a consequence of what Lea was doing to her back, when he falsified statistics related to patient opinions in favor of Hihgmore’s character, but for the death of a baby in mid-birth, after dispensing expired drugs, an effect of Salen Morrison’s decisions.

And it is that speaking of Salen Morrison, the character of Jones finally leaves the hospital after the tireless fight of the doctors against her decisions, which were affecting everyone. Season 5 episode 10 featured a plot that ended in an emotional showdown involving Dr. Marcus Andrews (Hill Harper).

The truth is that Morrison leaves the hospital and therefore The Good Doctor after signing the document after losing his battle against the arguments of the hospital staff. Rachel Bay Jones’s extraordinary role on the ABC series contributed greatly to the storyline that began with season 5, and now with her departure there is certainly an opportunity for the show to continue telling another arc Focus on the rest of the characters. Meanwhile, in The Good Doctor, Dr. Andrews takes on a role as president that could be fraught with challenges, all the while supervising his peers.