The Good Doctor Season 5: ABC confirmed that this character returns to the medical drama


The Good Doctor, the ABC broadcast network drama that follows the lives of the doctors and nurses who make life at St. Jose Bonaventure Hospital, especially that of Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), remains on the air Monday of each week with season 5 and will arrive on May 2 with episode 16, which promises the return of an important character.

A month ago it was announced that Dr. Claire Browne will be back with the fifth installment of the hit medical drama The Good Doctor. Although at the time it was not reported when the character of Antonia Thomas would appear on screen after she left at the end of the last installment, the promotional trailer for episode 16 offered the clue, while confirmation comes through a recent official statement. of ABC.

According to the promotional video of the sixteenth episode of season 5 of The Good Doctor, it is revealed in the last seconds that this installment will have a great return, while Dr. Shaun Murphy and Lea Dilallo (Paige Spara) are seen together with the rest of the characters with surprised faces. This could certainly be a hint that Claire Browne will be back on the show.

While details on Claire’s return remain to be seen, fans of The Good Doctor should be assured that Dr. Shaun Murphy will appreciate the chance to see her again, as the two formed an important bond while working at the hospital. . When she returns, she will find Highmore’s character going through a series of situations as he prepares for his wedding to Lea.

The Good Doctor season 5 episode 16 trailer could hint at the return of Dr. Claire Browne

In The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 16, Shaun and Lea made the decision to star in a reality show before their wedding. But it is the promotional trailer that reveals that they were not aware of the matter they got into, when Dr. Shaun Murphy begins to stress and she to worry because the production of the documentary is exploiting the character’s autistic condition.

According to the official synopsis for The Good Doctor Season 5 16th episode, titled “The Shaun Show”, it is revealed that as Shaun and Lea head towards their wedding day, a documentary filmmaker chose to follow their lives to show the relationships and weddings of atypical couples.