The Good Doctor season 4: new cameo


There are very few days left until the premiere of season 4 of The Good Doctor, so we will show you this guest actress to cover a small part of the history of the COVID pandemic that the series will cover.

Season 4 of The Good Doctor will have as a guest the popular actress, Carly Pope, who will play one of the wives of Shaun Murphy’s patients who is in grave danger.

Carly Pope will play Lily Cross, Martin’s wife, who will be one of Shaun Murphy’s patients, after presenting symptoms similar to those of the coronavirus. But, Lily will be frustrated at not being there in person because of the measures the hospital has taken, and can only see him via video call.

Lily’s experience will reflect what many people currently experience when having relatives with the terrible coronavirus pandemic and they can only do so through video calls.

The new season will also put Shaun and Lea to the test, who will have to be separated for some time by the pandemic, while Dr. Alex Park could return to Arizona to be with his family.

There are very few days until the premiere of season 4 of The Good Doctor, which will be on November 2, 2020. Without a doubt, this new season will have great surprises.

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