The Good Doctor season 4: first clips of the first episode

THE GOOD DOCTOR - "Hubert" - Dr. Shaun Murphy and Dr. Morgan Reznick must contend with two brothers who are bargaining over life and death. Meanwhile, Dr. Claire Brown's friend who is dying of cancer asks her for something she doesn't think she can give her; and Dr. Aaron Glassman is dealing with the effects of his treatment, on "The Good Doctor," MONDAY, NOV. 12 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Jack Rowand) PAIGE SPARA, FREDDIE HIGHMORE

Season 4 of The Good Doctor is very close to being released, so two incredible video clips of the first episode of the series have been revealed, in addition to the name of it.

The first video clip shows us Shaun serving juice at his house, but suddenly Lea enters looking for her identification that she had forgotten, and Shaun tells her that if he will stay at home that would not happen, to which she responds:

“It is very soon, also, if I would both stay, we would sleep much less”. Read.

“But I’ll spend the night here with you on Saturday.”

This scene seems that social distancing is already being fulfilled, but that Shaun or Lea have not yet been exposed to the virus and they have not separated as shown in the trailer. But in the second clip a curious scene happens next to Dr. Alex Park who is in Shaun’s house.

In the second clip, Dr. Park is seen taking Shaun some groceries. But when she was saving them, Shaun sees it and tells her that she had no right to put them there without her permission, since that site is only for Lea.

Without a doubt, season 4 of The Good Doctor will be full of much drama, after the death of Dr. Meléndez, the move of Kellen and Mia, and the departure of actress Jessika Nicole.

The new season of The Good Doctor, will bring more than one tear to the fans. The premiere of the fourth season will be on November 12 on ABC.

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