The Good Doctor: Describes Shaun and Lea’s difficulties



Recently, in an interview with TV Insider, David Shore, creator of The Good Doctor, commented on the romance of the characters Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) and Lea (Paige Spara), in addition to all the developments about an unexpected pregnancy, revealed in episode 4×11 from the series.

“Every year we explore a new challenge, a new opportunity for Shaun,” said David Shore. “An unexpected pregnancy can be both. And it’s incredibly exciting, but are they ready for that? Is it the right time? We want Shaun and Lea to explore that ”, revealed the creator.

A good part of the March 8 episode, shown before the new hiatus of season 4 of The Good Doctor, is dedicated to the couple still impacted by the news, thinking about all the options available, including abortion.

“Nobody interferes with what exactly they need to do, but when true friends come along it is to help them understand what they are feeling and how they can make the best choices,” he explained.

The Good Doctor: new challenges from the protagonists will mark upcoming episodes of the series

With the return of the hiatus, which happened yesterday (22), viewers of The Good Doctor saw a little more of the issues related to the subject. About this, David Shore stresses that Shaun would become an extraordinary father, as it would be a great challenge for his life.

“He has a lot of honesty, a lot of frankness and a lot of judgment. He wants to do what is right for people, ”defended Shore. In this way, the dramatic arc that surrounds the protagonists will add new nuances to their personality as time goes on.

New episodes of The Good Doctor are aired on Monday by ABC.


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