The Good Doctor: Covid-19 Was Featured in The Fourth Season of The Series


The Good Doctor: Like many other productions involving the health area, the 4th season of The Good Doctor, which debuted in November 2020, brought the coronavirus pandemic as one of its main themes.

Although the series developed its fourth year also with other dramatic possibilities, there is no denying that the production was very successful in portraying the situation that the world still lives in.

In this sense, the ones called “Frontline”, divided between Part 1 and Part 2, addressed the Covid-19 disease amid the plots of the characters, which have continued since the end of the third season of series.

The Good Doctor: medical series debated Covid-19 in the first episodes of season 4

In “Frontline”, viewers followed the return of several important pieces for the series’ narrative. In fact, the relationship between Shaun (Freddie Highmore) and Lea (Paige Spara) was tested during this period when things were uncertain. In addition, with the growing pandemic in the plot, some characters have gone through great trials and intense challenges.

Emotions were not left out, and in this sense, the public followed Shaun’s psychology along with all the difficulties he faced in balancing his own fears and concerns about other patients and also the woman he loves.

From the beginning, David Shore, creator of the series and responsible for a good part of his scripts, affirmed, throughout several interviews, that the intentions of the production were to use the show’s visibility to make people aware of the pandemic.

It is worth noting that the scripts, most likely, were developed many months in advance of the original transmission – when certain doubts about the coronavirus had not been answered until then. Even so, ABC’s medical production made no mistakes.

When the end of the third season was shown, for example, several regions of the world were already suspending the execution of various activities. Fortunately, the twenty episodes scheduled for that time managed to reach the audience without major obstacles – something that did not happen with many other projects.

Therefore, great care was taken with the inclusion of notices intended for viewers in the episodes about the Covid-19 confrontation. Although simple, they reinforced that, even though it was a fictional plot, the scenes illustrated the daily lives of several doctors.

However, the creation of a certain didacticism in the enunciation of the plots about the coronavirus was seen. The writers delicately showed how a certain patient had become infected, reviewing all the symptoms and the action of the virus during the contamination.

Gradually, the episode focused on showing the fear of the unknown that hit the medical team at that moment. Even with little information, some research was carried out, along with assumptions and also unpredictable errors.

At this point, production took a leap in time and reaffirmed the infamous “new normal” that everyone lived in – emphasizing mourning, loneliness and other issues that have become, unfortunately, routine for the population.

The 4th season of The Good Doctor, which still has a few more episodes to show before the end, had its first half available on Globoplay. Be sure to check it out!


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