The Good Doctor: Confirmed first changes in the cast of the drama season 6


The Good Doctor, the hit medical drama that follows the lives of the healthcare professionals who work at St. Jose Bonaventure Hospital and airs on ABC television, remains on the air with season 5 as it moves toward the end of this part of the story, the conclusion of which is scheduled to appear on the screens of fans in mid-May.

Season 5 of the Good Doctor premiered in late September and featured Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) at the engagement party alongside Lea Dilallo (Paige Spara). The current installment of the hit medical drama has yet to reach the wedding of the fan-favorite couple, and on the contrary, it has been one of the most happening since the earthquake that ended the life of Dr. Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez ).

The fifth installment of The Good Doctor will have a total of 18 episodes and not 20 as planned. Two of these will be moved to season 6, which means that it will be the longest in the entire history of the series with a total of 22 chapters. Recall that in March, the program received the green light from the ABC network to bring more stories to the screens.

The final three episodes of The Good Doctor season 5 begin airing on Monday, May 2, with the finale scheduled for May 16. Meanwhile, the medical drama began making the first cast changes for the sixth installment of the series that follows Dr. Shaun Murphy.

This Wednesday it was confirmed that The Good Doctor included two new members in the cast of characters for season 6. They will be part of the drama’s upcoming storylines as reported by Deadline, with Brandon Larracuente to play Daniel, aka Danny, a charming intern with a somewhat controversial interest in alternative medicine,” according to the character breakdown. Outside the hospital, he is a lone wolf and an intriguing mystery to his co-workers.

Likewise, Savannah Welch was also included in the cast of season 6 of The Good Doctor to give life to Danica, also known as Danni, an Annapolis graduate who completed medical school in the Navy. Danni is described as charismatic, ethical to the extreme, and competitive both inside and outside the hospital. She is mature beyond her years and surprisingly comfortable challenging authority, which is bound to cause some drama.