The Good Doctor 4×9: racism is central to the episode


The 9th season of The Good Doctor seems to follow the wave of other series that have started to address themes relevant to society, such as racism. In addition, the new episode also presented the possibility that Shaun is falling in love with someone else, even after all that he and Lea went through together.

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More details of the 4×9 episode of The Good Doctor

Research conducted at St. Bonaventure Hospital showed that the quality of care for black and Latino patients is much lower. That is, they urgently need to change that. The discovery was made by Claire and she had to confront her own attitudes after misdiagnosing one of her patients.

Claire diagnosed Zara Norton, a 34-year-old black patient with hypertension, common in black people. However, in reality, she had a condition that made her heart muscles unusually thick. After the wrong diagnosis, she asked to be transferred to another hospital, but Dr. Glassman convinced her that staying at St. Bonaventure was her best chance for redemption.

After saving Zara’s life, she apologizes to the patient and admits to having made the diagnosis based on her race. She compares the situation to what she had to go through in college, when everyone doubted her ability. Then, Zara says that she used to be the same, but that she got tired of the effort to make white people more comfortable.

Meanwhile, fans were uncomfortable with a kiss scene between Shaun and Dr. Cintia D’Souza, shown in the preview of the new episode of The Good Doctor. Fortunately, we found out that the scene was actually a dream. However, Shaun is upset about having dreamed of another woman and decides to tell Lea about the experience. Your girlfriend says that the sexy dream is not a problem in your relationship.

But, of course, that doesn’t stop her from showing that Cintia can be quite irresponsible, which already solves Shaun’s crush. Problem solved!

Another important topic discussed in episode 4×9 was gender identity. Lim is responsible for caring for Rio Gutierrez, a transsexual man who became pregnant due to the drop in testosterone in his system. Rio decides to stay with the baby and the decision almost causes his blindness. However, Lim manages to save him and allows for a safe pregnancy.

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